Woman punches victim in face, continues grocery shopping

SHE punched a woman in the face at an Ipswich Coles store, selected a trolley and carried on shopping for her groceries.

Three months later Shannon Lee Bobak-Brown got into another argument with a woman who she said cut the self-serve register line at a Woolworth supermarket at Booval.

She swore at the woman, threw a drink on the ground and pushed her.

Two days later Bobak-Brown and two other people saw the victim at the same shopping centre where they assaulted her again, punching her about the body.

In sentencing yesterday, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard the mother developed anxiety when she went to shopping centres.

The court heard the victim in the Coles assault told Bobak-Brown "you're a big girl now, why don't you punch me".

The victim was unable defend herself because she was holding bags of groceries.

Bobak-Brown was given bail after the offending in August 2014 to not attend Booval Fair shopping centre but she was caught on CCTV footage six days later.

She pleaded guilty to one count each of assault occasioning bodily harm, common assault, common assault in company and breach of bail.

Her defence lawyer, Matthew Fairclough, she Bobak-Brown had "issues arising from a traumatic brain injury".

She was fined $2000.

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