DRINK DRIVER: Julieanna Roberts, 39, from Bellbird Park, was caught with an alcohol reading of .308.
DRINK DRIVER: Julieanna Roberts, 39, from Bellbird Park, was caught with an alcohol reading of .308. Ross Irby

Mum's dangerously high alcohol reading shocks magistrate

A MUM busted for driving at six times the legal alcohol limit was dobbed in by concerned onlookers after nipping down the shops for some bread rolls.

Julieanna Roberts tested positive with a dangerously high alcohol reading of .308.

Even Ipswich Magistrate Andy Cridland said that it was rare to have such a high alcohol reading before the court.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard police were called by shoppers at Redbank Plains Town Square after they saw an apparently intoxicated woman get into a car and drive off.

Prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly said the calls were made at 10.12am on March 19 and police were given the car's registration number.

Officers drove to the Bellbird Park home of its registered owner and spoke to Roberts.

Sgt Donnelly said the bonnet was still hot, with Roberts admitting she'd driven after having wine that morning.

After breath testing positive at her home, Roberts was driven to Goodna police station and tested for a second time, confirming the ultra-high reading.

Julieanna Sarina Roberts, 39, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of liquor.

"I wish I never did it," Roberts told Mr Cridland.

"I have a daughter with medical needs. She regularly goes into hospital."

Mr Cridland said it was an extremely high reading and Roberts also had a prior high reading back in 2008 of .161.

"One would believe that it would be reasonably likely that you would have no control and have been a danger to other road users," he said.

Mr Cridland noted some of Roberts' personal circumstances including the health issues of her daughter.

She was sentenced to 18 months' probation and disqualified from holding a licence for two years.

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