Wisteria Leigh Jensen

Wonderful wisteria a blooming beauty

A WOODY climbing vine, wisteria has been popular in Australia for many years.

This long-lived climber flowers from spring to autumn and is a favourite with gardeners, painters and photographers for its ethereal beauty.

The eight species of twining vines in this genus are members of the pea-flower subfamily of the legume (Fabaceae) family, and are natives of China, Japan, and eastern USA.

Ideally used to drape over pergolas, veranda posts and arbours, where their dense foliage can provide cool shade during the warmer months and, being deciduous, winter sun will be able to shine through.

The colour ranges from mauve through violet, white and into the pink tones.

Wisterias prefer a sunny position but the roots must be kept cool, so mulch well, and they flower before the foliage forms.

These hardy, heavy-wooded, vigorous climbers need sturdy support, and routine trimming is required.

Can be propagated from cuttings or seed, or by layering or grafting.


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