A GOOD READ: Noosa author Neville Mills has put together a book of word puzzles.
A GOOD READ: Noosa author Neville Mills has put together a book of word puzzles. contributed

Word games set to test

NOOSA author and self-professed word game addict Neville Mills has a new book out for Christmas and this one's a little different.

Best known for his curious letters from Mervyn Muddle and children's stories, Mr Mills has ventured into creating puzzles.

His new book, Addictive Nine-Letter Word Games, contains 80 puzzles designed to test the brain and entertain.

Mr Mills said people who engage in word games have brain functions considerably younger than their biological age.

"Professor Keith Wesnes of Exeter University found direct relationships between the use of word puzzles and the speed and accuracy on the performance of a variety of cognitive tasks assessing aspects of attention, reasoning and memory,” Mr Mills said.

"Performance generally improved incrementally with the frequency of puzzle use.”

Mr Mills said he has always loved this popular word game - sometimes known as Polygon, Word Wheel, Target, Circuit Breakers - so he decided to create a handy-sized publication, Addictive Nine-Letter Word Games.

"It's so much easier to use than a folded newspaper with a games page or a small section in a flight magazine.

"If you enjoy a word challenge of finding as many words of four letters or more then this is the booklet for you.

"There is ample space for recording the words and each puzzle is a new challenge to find the nine-letter word - always using the highlighted centre letter in each word.”

Mr Mills is also the author of The Curious letters of Mervyn Mudal, Fifty Funnies from Mervyn Mudal and children's books, Snowybright and the Eight Dwarfs and Ralph, Buster and The World's First Dogathlon.

All available from - www.nevmills.com or by emailing the author on nevmerope@bigpond.com.


Addictive Nine-Letter Word Games is available from newsagents for $6.00

Purchase directly from Neville's website www.nevmills.com

Or directly from him on nevmerope@bigpond.com

Just $8 (incl. postage and packing)

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