Redfoo was the victim of an alleged glassing attack overnight.
Redfoo was the victim of an alleged glassing attack overnight. Instagram

Redfoo thanks Australia for support after 'glassing'

AFTER Australia collectively gasped on hearing the news that flamboyant LMFAO singer and X-Factor judge Redfoo was the victim of apparent glassing, the music-maker has given thanks.

On his Twitter this morning, Redfoo thanked  fans here and around the world for their messages of support.

"Thanks everybody for all your love and support! In Australia to all over the world! ❤️"


Despite the damage, it seems nothing will stop Redfoo from 'party rocking'.



EARLIER: X-Factor judge Redfoo 'glassed' in Sydney

LMFAO frontman and X-Factor judge Redfoo believes a man who apparently glassed him at a Sydney nightstop was driven by jealousy.

Media reports on Thursday morning suggest Redfoo, or Stefan Kendal Gordy, suffered a cut above his right eye when a glass was thrown at his head.

The 38-year-old hit-maker, known for his world-dominating track "Sexy and I Know It", was struck while at the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay.

It is believed a 21-year-old man has been charged over the attack.

Redfoo confirmed the shock attack on Twitter after user Josh Allerton posted:

"Just saw @RedFoo get a bottle thrown at his head at the Golden Sheaf bleeding!Jesus Christ! What is wrong with people..Hope you're okay mate".

The judge responded: "jealousy is a hell of a drug!".

The alleged attack came a week from Gordy's birthday. He turns 39 on Wednesday.


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