X DAY: Kalina Michalowska wants to reconnect.
X DAY: Kalina Michalowska wants to reconnect.

X marks the spot for old partners today

DEAR Ex, can we be friends?

Highworth resident Kalina Michalowska is asking people to consider reconnecting with their past lovers at her new event, My X Day, which is being held today.

The event aims to inspire people for the possibility of "communication, forgiveness and friendship" and she is asking people to write a letter to their ex for the event.

"I have around 20 letters so far and they are in English, Chinese, Turkish and Polish, and I am expecting letters in other languages as well as I am inviting everyone from around the world to contribute," Ms Michalowska said.

"Writers talk about children they have with their ex-partner and thanking them for acting in the children's best interest."

After Ms Michalowska's divorce after eight years of marriage she remained friends with her ex-husband.

"We both moved on with our lives, and we both keep our word given to each other at the wedding day, being 'to love and cherish one another until death does us part'," she said. "I have realised that I must keep that promise, even when we are no longer


Ms Michalowska started the project through her work in the Landmark program called Self Expression and Leadership.

"To my huge surprise I got on board not only friends, but also friends of their friends, with majority of

people I didn't know before," she said.

If you have an ex, come along to the Nambour Town Square, Lowe St today from noon-3pm for free.

Divorce rates

 Prior to World War I divorce was rare

{Zcirf} In the first decade of the 20th century divorces ranged from 300-400

{Zcirf} 2012 there were 49917 divorces

{Zcirf} 2012 there were 44834 divorces involving children

Source: Australian Institute of Family studies

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