STRIP EXCLUSION: Teewah Airstrip where Noosa Council will ask for some heritage exclusions.
STRIP EXCLUSION: Teewah Airstrip where Noosa Council will ask for some heritage exclusions. Contributed

List for National Heritage but after that shed gets built

A SHED for local flyers could stall sections of Teewah airstrip from being included in National Heritage Listing.

And if Australian Heritage Council accepts the request from the Noosa Council to exclude the land parcels from the proposed listing, local ratepayers would pay the bill for survey work to identify the exact area to be exempted.

Deputy Mayor Bob Abbot and Councillor Frank Wilkie at Monday's council general committee meeting won support for the strips, and their immediate surrounds as defined by a council map, to be excluded from council's Cooloola NHL bid.

This was despite the strong objections of Mayor Noel Playford and Cr Tony Wellington.

Cr Playford said he could not see how mowing of the landing strips would be affected by heritage listing, or putting a building up on land that is "nothing like its natural state where you can't do any more damage".

Cr Wellington said: "I'm wondering why it is now that we have decided to exclude the airstrips specifically and the immediate area surrounding from the National Heritage listing, given that the existing uses can continue?"

Both Cr Abbot and Cr Wilkie said they would support the remainder of the landing strip reserve gaining the national recognition once the aviation upgrade was complete.

The landing area is used by the Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators and the Noosa Model Flyers.

Other exclusions, voted for last Thursday night at the full council meeting, included an area set aside for a future tip at Teewah, the North Shore camping ground and parcels of land to the south that are national park that have

been under negotiations for years as part of a land swap.

Cr Wilkie's reasoning for the landing strip NHL hands off - simply put was: "We don't want another layer of bureaucracy over that area impeding any activity."

And the deputy mayor shared his concern.

"I'm not prepared to support anything but an exclusion until such time as that shed's built," Cr Abbot said.

"Because at this time, it is impossible for that group to do."

Cr Abbot said the flyers have to carry out a survey of the site because the previous strip marker pegs have gone missing and any new works they undertake will be costly.

Cr Wilkie said the flyers "already are frustrated by circumstances" and "I'm concerned that time will run out for them to establish their shed over there".

He said he would be "very happy" at a later date to support the airstrip listing.

Council staff also recommended the exclusion, but the mayor said council would be "lumped" with the costs of any airstrip exclusion costs.

Cr Joe Jurisevic and Cr Sandy Bolton supported Crs Abbot and Wilkie to support the exclusion, while Cr Frank Pardon is presently absent from council.

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