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Worry about yourself

I t would take someone with higher qualifications than I have, to work out what drives residents (we all know who they are), of another shire, in this case the Sunshine Coast Council area, to spend so much time worrying and commenting by way of their letters, on what is happening in their adjourning shire of Noosa where they have no say.

This has been going on for years.

There must be a reason for this type of behaviour. Perhaps it is because they made a mistake and did not do enough due diligence when purchasing their property, and thought they were buying into the shire Noosa which they obviously crave to be part of.

Perhaps this is their way of handling this situation. Their discontent whatever it is, has had a fair airing in letters to the editor over the years. It is really time they took a step back and concentrated on their own shire area.

They must realise no matter what they think and say it is not going to make any difference in Noosa. The authorities a long time back made sure we all knew Peregian Springs, Verriredale, Doonan etc. would not be part of the Noosa Shire.

It is time for them to start worrying about the Sunshine Coast Council area where they do have a chance to change things.

Jo Ball, Noosaville

Serving their country

Around one million Australians served during the Second World War, and many Australians today have a connection to at least one of them.

As we approach the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War on 15 August this year, there is no better time for us to uncover and capture the stories of these one million people and ensure they live on.

For families, it is a chance to learn more about someone who served, and for the nation, it is a time to gain a greater understanding of our involvement in this major conflict.

All we need to do is ‘Just Ask’ the question – what did my family do during the war? How do I learn more about Australia’s involvement in the Second World War?

It is easier than ever before to research a family member’s military history. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has brought together all of its nominal rolls, including the Second World War nominal roll, into one website to make it easier to search and find information on those Australians who served in this war. The National Archives of Australia is working to digitise all of its Second World War records and the Australian War Memorial also has a wide range of useful information just a click away.

If you need a little help, start with the Researching Australians at War page on the Anzac Portal – is also helping Australians pay tribute to those who served and sacrificed in the Second World War by providing free online access to all Australian and New Zealand military records on the site from 13 August – 16 August.

I encourage all Australians to look into their family’s Second World War history and capture these stories, and to visit to learn more about a war that changed our nation’s history forever.

Darren Chester, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs

We need strict checks

With our economy ticking along is it wise for us to see nsw and Victorian rego’s driving around here, question is the police doing checks around here and keeping us safe or turning a blind eye?

Bert Jones, Noosa Heads

Looking to preserve our recreational fishing stocks.
Looking to preserve our recreational fishing stocks.

Nets need to go

Every morning and afternoon I walk along our beautiful river and I watch the tourists fishing along the bank.

They never catch anything except maybe a small bream, the reason being is the river and lakes are commercially fished with nets.

I have seen nets strung right across the river, also at the entrance to the Noosa Waters cannel there are people throwing cast nets every day, morning and afternoon.

This is not good, especially in June when the young fry are coming out of the canal and of course there are the mullet fisherman who take tons of mullet from the mouth of the river.

What I would like to see done is to make Noosa a net free zone and give the fish a chance to come back before it’s too late.

RH, Noosaville

Postal cuts a bit rich

Cuts to postal delivery services? Who pays the overdue fee when any account is delivered late to the consumer e.g. electricity accounts?

Margaret Wilkie, Peregian Beach.

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