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Village atmosphere

RESIDENTS and those with a stakehold in Peregian Beach should consider the impact on the village if the D.A. presently advertised on David Low Way at the IGA is approved in its current form.

Even before any construction begins, the watercourse on this wetland property will need to be redirected and hundreds of cubic metre of stone and tens of thousands of cubic metres of fill delivered to the site.

This will entail multi axled tip-trucks continuously rumbling through Peregian Beach for months.

The vehicle congestion that occurred at the IGA over Easter will be a daily event. Traffic at a standstill backed up for hundreds of metres in both direction causing significant interruption to community and business.

The design itself is more in keeping with an inner city development. Its impact has the potential of taking away the village atmosphere of Peregian Beach. There will be buildings 2m from and 7m above, overlooking Rufous Laneway.

The new Rufous St precinct of "Beach to Bush” currently being developed by the Noosa Council will be overwhelmed. Additional car parking planned for the business centre will be compromised by overflow from this development.

The intent of the design is devoid of consideration for local amenity. This site provides ample scope for a complex in sympathy with its environment. A development with good solar oriented architectural design, less density and an achievable price would be far more likely to be welcomed as an addition to the Peregian Beach Village community.

The timing of posting this D.A. is such that no allowance is afforded for the distraction of Easter/school holidays/Anzac Day.

Your last opportunity to lodge a submission with council remains at April 26. A simple submission form is available from council's website.


Peregian Beach

Thought provoking

MICHAEL Donovan's "Share the Benefits” article was very interesting and thought provoking. A definitive answer to Michael's question from both the Noosa Council and Tourism Australia about revenue sharing to benefit Noosa residents' liveability would be appreciated, or should ratepayers just be happy with the privilege of living in an environment with high biodiversity significance (parrots, frogs, etc), as per the Noosa mayor's article in the Noosa News on April 14?



Bagging solar out

CASE Smit, Phillip Rutherford et al have been spreading their anti-solar, anti-Greens, anti- environmental messages in the local press for a long time.

Germany, Spain, USA, India and Portugal are investing in some of the largest solar plants in the world, so perhaps they should write to those governments and give them the benefit of their vast knowledge about the evils of renewable energy.



Disgusting mess

ON SUNDAY, April 9, I arranged to meet a friend at Chaplin Park around 7.30am.

On arriving at the car park there was a plastic box of racquets, nets, twine and supports spilling on to the verge, as well as the usual drink containers and food wrappings.

On entering the park, there was a golf ball, further in an orange ping pong ball, a shuttle cock and drink containers plus food wrappers.

There was a broken bottle on the gazebo table and shards of glass around and in the gazebo.

There was a large pool of vomit in the gazebo near the barbecue area.

There was a smattering of other litter around the gazebo and some graffiti.

My friend and I did not clean up the area as we would have done prior to February 2017.

We did not let our dogs off leash, it was too dangerous for them.



Body found near popular Coast swimming spot

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Man’s body found in bushland near popular Coast swimming spot

$7 million slice of Noosa North Shore paradise hits market

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QLD set to be named ‘preferred candidate’ for 2032 Olympics

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