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No trashy campers

I WAS appalled by what I read on the front page of Noosa News (25-04).

I would like it put out there that the North Shore should be closed to all campers and anyone who doesn't live there.

Why should we have to volunteer to clean up their mess or pay someone to do it?

If they are so irresponsible with their trash don't let them cross the river.

The few that do rubbish Australia, will obviously make the ones that don't very angry.



Benefits of booms

I'VE been encouraged to expand on my thinking around, as one contact put it, "the windfall benefit from boom periods in our tourism trade”.

Again, in promotions for a tourism summit recently in Noosa, the media have repeated Tourism Noosa's figure of $900m annually flowing through our economy. What new benefits would just 1% of this windfall provide to us and to our council?

We could establish an entrepreneurial fund to identify and incubate the next generation of biosphere friendly tourism businesses and services - world-class and new, tested and develop here for export

Experimentation with new technologies to bring the outdoors indoors for experiential education and, the reverse - students into the outdoors (add an online training and educational component into the revenue mix). Under Biosphere v1 this pulled in $1m a year in economic benefit.

An investment fund to create the low-cost staff / tourism worker housing needed to reduce travel time and costs - this also incentivises retention, reduces turnover and training costs.

A Creative Capital Works Fund to develop new things that are in sympathy with the design standards of this place and which offer residents an increased and diversified range of world-class facilities and attractions

A series of new grants for creativity, arts, environment and increased financial support for the agencies which promote and manage these here in Noosa

Revisit the regional capital works program to fund worthwhile initiatives passed over by the commonwealth - the bike trails from Noosa to Fraser Island, as an example

A transport fund to get some ideas up and running

Funding for a catalyst program to get new businesses of the ground and incorporating a royalties payment program that tops up the Catalyst Fund from successes

One per cent doesn't kill the Golden Goose. It clips a wing slightly. So how can this be done?


Noosa Heads

Uber debate


Glen Elmes' report in last Friday's paper, I would like to reply.

Finally the LNP party

has come out with a policy re: an independent office re taxi operations, this a a small step in the right direction.

But a couple of points:

1. Uber's world is getting smaller and smaller and is not in operation all over the world.

2. Uber is no longer in Europe. All the countries' governments put legislation in use for fair play, so Uber has pulled out.

3. Uber is not in China and most Eastern countries.

4. How many countries in the Middle East have Uber? Not many.

5. How many countries

in Africa has Uber, not


6. Uber has big problems operating in Russia and Indonesia, might close down there too.

7. The previous LNP and Labor governments issued (or sold) taxi licenses and made millions of dollars, so why not either have a buy back scheme as the NT did or at least give the taxi industry a fair level playing fields

8. It has been established in an Australian court of law that Uber is not a share riding company but a "taxi operator” so why still call it a share riding company?


Sunrise Beach

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