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Parking dangers

I WOULD like to bring to attention the dangers of parking outside the pizza and Asian food outlet adjacent the BP in Cedar St, Cooroy.

I am no wowser and know that cheating the parking cop is a favourite Australian pastime.

This is not the place to play that game. Over the past several weeks I have seen two near misses, and I do not pass that way in the early evening all that often. So many more close calls have undoubtedly occurred.

The vast majority of vehicles park on the cleared verge opposite the stores; hence when an excited hungry youngster rushes out with their order, eager to get home and get stuck into dinner, crossing that road in safety is not in the forefront of their mind.

When vehicles "park” or stop and get another family member to duck in and pick up their order, they blind any other traffic from being able to see those kids rushing out to join their parents on the opposite side of the road.

They just appear from behind the illegally parked vehicle, leaving the through traffic car with zero reaction time. Just like kids running out from behind a bus.

Come on Cooroy, these are our kids, we can do better than this. The youngster that is hit will probably go to school with one of your kids. Rotten feeling, isn't it.

The cars that park against the yellow line marking may not be the ones to knock, injure or kill one of our kids, but they will certainly be responsible for the tragedy.



Highway savings

IT IS good to hear that $300 million has been saved in the construction of new sections of the Bruce Hwy.

May I suggest, in the interest of making a vast improvement to transportation on the Sunshine Coast, that this money be put towards the doubling of the railway line between here and Brisbane.

It is a travesty that this line is still single, considering the population growth that has occurred here in the past two decades.

Heavy trucks on the highway increase maintenance costs enormously. A freight train is able to transport the load of 50 trucks, minimising road wear and tear, reducing transport costs, and greatly decreasing CO2 emissions.

As has been found in other capital cities, express trains to and from the city enable young professionals to have affordable regional housing, while adding vigour and expertise to regional towns.

Workers are also able to complete paperwork while travelling that would otherwise have to be finished at home.

Oil availability cannot continue forever. Intelligent planning for the future must take rail links into account. The sooner the better.



Food for thought

M DONOVAN'S proposition (NN, April 28) gives tasty "food for thought'', and demonstrates that there are alternative funding avenues to be considered which could achieve much for our people while promoting creativity in thought and process.

This is very much part of the newly formed Innovate Noosa's charter, for ideas to be fostered, concepts progressed and connected to resources, and solutions funded.

Even though it is in its infancy the possibilities are exciting, and it would be wonderful to see truly forward thinkers banding together with our community to explore imaginative solutions to some of our greatest local challenges.


Innovate Noosa

Police thanks

I HAD a car accident on Friday, May 5 on Eumundi Noosa Rd and I just wanted to say a big heartfelt thank you to officer Richard Buller and his fellow officer (under overwhelming circumstances I forgot to get his name) for being there and helping me out in a situation that I've never been in before.

You were both extremely kind and helpful. I am very grateful.

Also a big thanks to the two ambulance officers. You were so nice and very understanding.



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