Holiday Crowds at Main Beach. Photo Lachie Millard
Holiday Crowds at Main Beach. Photo Lachie Millard

Your thoughts on our crowd controls...

A SUSTAINABLE transport and parking strategy that favours people over cars would be a constructive way of mitigating congestion at peak periods in Noosa.

That’s the view of one concerned local who believes there needs to be a proactive approach to keeping Noosa glistening as one of Australia’s brightest tourism gems.

This was one of the thought-provoking responses from locals to local calls to overcome the threat of tourist congestion becoming a major turn off.

Another considered response was from Peregian Beach architect Sharyn Kerrigan: “The character of the Noosa Shire and valuing the integrity of the town plan (low density, height restrictions, minimal commercial signage, no billboards) continues to attract more and more tourists and investment specifically to the north end of the Sunshine Coast because the southern end is rapidly losing all its beachside charm.

“Sadly coastal villages land use continue to be compromised and they are merging into one big suburban sprawl.

“We can learn so much by discussing case studies of other coastal communities in the world facing high demand.

“We can learn a great deal by talking to residents in the Sunshine Coast shire about development approvals that conflict and compromise their own town plan and how important it is have councillors who value its integrity,” Ms Kerrigan said.

Local Melanie Hassall said there was “no doubt, the encroachment of the northern suburbs of Brisbane, continual bombardment of festival tourism” was having an impact.

“Ratepayers in the hinterland suffering due to the rate and tourist dollar being absent for essential maintenance and upgrades.

“Basically, we have had reactive rather than proactive governance of this region,” she said.

Dez Alto said Noosa was being “over-loved by day trippers. In Sydney, Palm Beach, they used to have a charge for parking for the day. Local ratepayers got a sticker free.”

Bec Atkins said her experience of the local traffic “did my head in”.

“Parking was near impossible in town. No longer the cherished, relaxed town that it was.”

However Samantha Neaky asked: “Why move to a holiday destination, then whinge about tourists, tourism … and hospitality is the only real industry Noosa has?”

“The reason we have an excellent food industry is because of tourism.”

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