Independent Noosa MP Sandy Bolton at Parliament House in Brisbane.
Independent Noosa MP Sandy Bolton at Parliament House in Brisbane. Geoff Egan

Your views are important

THE Noosa MP Survey needs your input on a range of State Government items, including whether you are for or against legalisation of medicinal cannabis, voluntary euthanasia and daylight saving, as well as any other concerns you feel need addressing.

It takes less than 10 minutes and all information is kept strictly confidential.

Member for Noosa Sandy Bolton said the survey would help guide and enable her to determine priorities and the pulse of the Noosa electorate for 2019.

For those who may be critical of surveys as a "waste of time”, Ms Bolton said "every single response that has included 'other comments' will be personally read”.

"The importance of residents voicing and communicating any feedback or input that they may have around concerns, or how we can make our electorate even better is vital, as it is all about positive and constructive community activism,” she said.

"I spend an enormous time out in the community but cannot get to chat with every single person, on or offline, and I would like to. This is a way to do so.”

"As well, the collective voice , as already shown in a number of successful outcomes recently including the coal exploration permit refusal, gives valuable strength to an MP's rationale in debates in Parliament and when advocating our various government departments.

While Ms. Bolton was very appreciative of those who had given their time so far to complete the survey, she was direct in conveying the importance for as many people as possible to take part in order to reflect the diverse range of views held in the electorate.

"But it is of enormous benefit to get a larger size of respondents to the survey, and I am asking everyone to invest a few minutes of their time as part of their commitment, and investment, in Noosa and Queensland,” she said.

" How taxpayer dollars are spent is always of great concern to me, and it is important that the costs of doing surveys including the post box mail outs notifications are beneficial to the wider community.”

It has been interesting to note some initial trends in polls that include the prioritising of local road conditions, youth and family support and wildlife corridors/crossings.

Road congestion to Brisbane, affordable transition to renewables, violence and domestic violence and palliative/end of life are major state-based concerns, with housing affordability, hospitals & health, the environment and cost of living as regular favourites.

The polls indicated nearly 93% were in support of voluntary euthanasia, 67% for daylight saving, 85% for poker machine reform/ reduction and more than 96% supported the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

"While many of the results have followed expected trends, there were a couple of surprising results so far.”

The Noosa MP Survey can be taken online at

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