THE Federal Government will launch a YouTube advertising campaign in a bid to stop the international people smuggling trade, after two more boats arrived carrying more than 120 asylum seekers at the weekend.

The YouTube advertisement will be part of a broader communications campaign, including posters and DVDs distributed through embassies and the United Nations High Commissioner for Immigration.

It centres on the concept that refugees hoping to resettle in Australia will be given "no advantage" over those waiting in overseas refugee camps or coming by legal means.

The advertisement, released on Monday, said: "There is no advantage in paying a people smuggler to travel to Australia", interspersed with images of dilapidated camps on Nauru which have remained unused for five years.

It emphasises the point Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been making, that illegal boat arrivals will not be processed any quicker than those arriving legally or waiting in refugee camps in Malaysia or Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the weekend saw another two boats arrive, one with 81 people on board, and the second with 48 people, all of whom have been transferred to Christmas Island for preliminary checks.

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