January 2018

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THE world is changing dramatically each year and it's up to our political representatives to ensure we are moving with the times.

Let's follow Sunshine Coast and grow medicinal marijuana

"I think it's a great business. If the marijuana is grown for the medical purposes, why not? Especially..."

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EVERYONE knows a lot of small positive actions can make a big positive difference.

OUR SAY: Positive actions will create a positive city

"You are right! If you want to change something, start with yourself! Then it will be much easier to..."

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A driver suspected of being under the influence of drugs can only be taken to the hospital for a blood test.

LETTER: More tests need to be carried out for drug-drivers

"It seems to me that you really need to invest money in solving this problem. How many drug addicts..."

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ONE of the most beautiful experiences we can have is to swim in Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island.

LETTER: We go to Lake McKenzie to enjoy nature not the radio

"I absolutely agree with you. It's so important to be alone with your thoughts in such an atmosphere."

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