January 2016

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SINCE “the beginning of time” there has been a sandbar at Dayman Point, councillor Trevor McDonald said.

Sandbar has been there since the start

"Wow. Council records must go back way further than I thought."

November 2015

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FROM soldiers dancing before heading off to war to regular line dancing classes, the Pialba Memorial Hall certainly has stories to tell in its history

Application placed to have hall heritage listed

"Who remembers the rough-as-guts Memorial Hall rock shows in the '70s with Ben Sceptre when it was the..."

September 2015

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REVISITING Hervey Bay with retired Charles Grey was always amusing.

A tribute to dad's full life of helping his community

"Yes - rough as we were, I think we were the only show in town"

May 2015

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ANSWER to what is wrong with this picture?

Answer to what is wrong with this picture?

"One never knows when a carriage might speed by and splash through some mud. The gentleman needs to be..."

August 2014

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<strong>LIFE MOST FABULOUS:</strong> “I wonder what would happen if I just peed here at my desk?” It’s a bizarre question, indeed.

When a bad work day really pees you off

"Also, don't pee at your desk. OK?"

July 2014

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IT’S been dubbed the world’s most disturbing reality TV show ever.

Couples get naked in new dating show

"Ray Wrinklemeat?"

June 2014

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<strong>LIFE MOST FABULOUS:</strong> Despondency from my nine-year-old who had never seen Queensland lose an Origin match soon turned into a new perspective.

Winners turn losers but there's a lesson for us all

"A good outcome in the end - but the boy is right about Phil Gould ..."

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It's time for comfort food, and we've assembled the top ten winter recipes (plus a bonus Jamie Oliver recipe) to warm your family's hearts.

Eat hearty: Our top ten winter recipes

"A roast is great, but I reckon you can't go past good old rissoles, veg and gravy"

April 2014

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Who says Rockhampton fishermen never give away their secret spots? We have dug up the top three fishing spots in the region.

Top three fishing spots near Rockhampton

"Yes, whydoibother, we got something wrong. We apologise for the error. "

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FROM Lake Gregory to Baffle Creek, there are enough fishing hotspots in Bundaberg to lure fishers hook, line and sinker. Here’s our top three:

Top 3 river, creek and dam fishing spots near Bundaberg

"Yes, miseryguts, our reporters got something wrong. Baffle Creek Catchment, Burnett River and Kolan..."

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