April 2012

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THE sound of music hummed from walls of Gladstone Presbyterian Church yesterday.

Praise for church choir

March 2012

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Watch The Observer's video coverage of reaction from Liz Cunningham, Glenn Butcher, Russell Schroter and Anthony Beezley after yesterday's election

Cunningham wins, candidates speak

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JUDY Whicker reckons she's got more dogs than she can handle.

Puppies and dogs for sale

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Enthusiastic youngsters have been given the bad news that their games are off tomorrow, with widespread cancellations because of bad weather.

Junior sport fixtures cancelled

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SHE'S young all right, and that was one of the things that struck so many people at yesterday's GAPDL launch of the Season of Sailing.

Observer/Zinc headlines March 23

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GLADSTONE'S airport received another boost as the new Qantas Lounge was officially opened.

Lounging around

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A YOUNG but determined army of Tannum Sands nippers will go to the beach on Clean Up Australia Day this Sunday to keep the shoreline pristine.

Nippers in clean-up

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IT MAY have only been the first day of the official election campaign, but the claws were out yesterday.

'Official' start to campaign

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I FOUND myself in very unfamiliar territory yesterday.

Candidates called to account

February 2012

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IT'S a plan that undoubtedly has good intentions, but the State Government's blueprint for the Gladstone Base Hospital is looking like little more than a token gesture.

Observer/Zinc headlines Feb 29

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